Marine Lubricant Product Catalogue

At MaxPro1, we have invested for over twenty years in purposefully developing lubricant solutions to meet the demands of the future in terms of high performance and ever-increasing adjustment to a sustainable society. Today, we are proud of our development expertise and broad range of leading edge products that are unique globally.


Cylinder Engine Oils

MaxPro1 Multi CVT Fluid is a synthetic blend lubricant designed to suit a broad range of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). It is manufactured with premium base stocks, long-life friction modifiers, special anti-wear additives, and shear stable viscosity modifiers. It provides stable, optimum metal-on-metal friction between belt and pulley with minimal wear and outstanding antifoaming performance that are required by CVT.



MCDL MX Series oils is a series of specially formulated high-performance marine cylinder lubricants designed for use in highly rated, low-speed crosshead running on residual fuels. The formulations are based on a proven additive technology that has been established with a range of engine builder approvals including MAN B+W, Sulzer and GMT.

Trunk Piston Engine Oils

Our TPEO series is formulated to help protect oil in the ship engine from oxidizing and provide absolute cleanliness to the engine.



TPEO MX Series oils is a series of premium quality multifunctional crankcase marine lubricants designed for use in highly rated, medium-speed diesel engines. All MX grades are blended with high quality base oils and proven additives that protect the oils from oxidation, and through an advanced detergency technology, provides excellent cleanliness to the engines. The formulations are based on a proven additive technology that has been established with a range of engine builder approvals including MAN B+W, Sulzer and GMT.

System Oils

MaxPro1 premium quality system oils are designed for modern highly rated low speed crosshead marine engines including those employing system oil for piston cooling and common hydraulic systems.



MX 306 is formulated from high quality paraffinic base oils with latest additive technology to provide excellent thermal stability, oxidation resistance and improved anti-wear properties. This oil is available in SAE 30 viscosity grade with a BN (Base Number) of 6.

Outboard Engine Oils

The typical loads placed on outboard engines are much heavier than on automobile engines, having to overcome a much greater amount of drag to create performance. Outboard operates at a much higher RPM than the automobile’s engine. It must rev higher to create higher speeds, rather than just changing gears like the car. That means the outboard engines may run all day long at 4500-6000 RPM, rather than the 2500 RPM the car reaches at highway speeds. The outboard has to work much harder than the automobile’s engine.  MaxPro1 outboard engine oils are formulated to achieve the required performance with the necessary protection under such demanding conditions.



MaxPro1 MaxBlue 2T is a premium, mineral-based 2-stroke gasoline
engine oil for use in water-cooled outboard motors (both large and small
power outputs). It is formulated with a special ashless additive with
superior dispersancy to minimize preignition or spark plug fouling.
Designed to withstand the higher speed and higher temperatures of modern
outboard engines, it offers improved lubricity and outstanding anti-scuffing