Refined Glycerine USP 99.7%


Refined Glycerine appeared as a sweet tasting liquid, clear colourless, odourless, virtually non-toxic, absorbs moisture and is edible. It is normally used as a means of emollient to provide lubrication and moisture for personal care products as well as used as emulsifier for other industrial applications.

UPCERIN USP-997 is a high-quality Refined Glycerine USP 99.7% min, produced for the world of personal care, home care, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries, as well as for industrial uses. Our refinery capacity is up to 5,000MT glycerine per month.


Character/AppearanceClear, ColorlessClear, Colorless
Glycerine ContentUSP 43%99.7 Min99.9
Water ContentUSP 43%0.5 Max0.09
Specific Gravity @ 28°CUSP 43g/cm31.249 Min1.2598
Color, ALPHAAOCS Ea 9-6510 Max1
Residue on IgnitionUSP 43%0.01 Max0.007
Fatty acid and Ester, ml of NaOH 0.5NUSP 43ml1 Max0.5
Halogenated compoundUSP 43ppm30 Max< 30
ChlorideUSP 43ppm10 Max< 5
SulphateUSP 43ppm20 Max< 20
Identification A (IR)USP 43PassPass
Identification B (DEG & EG)
- Diethylene Glycol
- Ethylene Glycol
USP 43%0.1 Max< 0.01
Identification C (RT of Glycerine peak)USP 43PassPass
ArsenicUSP 43ppm1 Max< 0.01
LeadUSP 43ppm1 Max< 0.1
MercuryUSP 43ppm1 Max< 0.01
CadmiumUSP 43ppm1 Max< 0.1


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